Three Generation Legacy At Bridgewater

February 3, 2016

It’s a pretty common thing here at Bridgewater to hear that two of our workers are related to each other. We have siblings, cousins, and even cross generational staff members working together. But now, my friends, we have entered some unchartered territory. For the first time in Bridgewater history three generations are working together in the facility: Sally, Community Life Leader of 3B; her daughter, Jennifer, unit manager of 3B; and her granddaughter, Rose, a Community Life Float.

The one to begin the legacy was Jenn. She started as an aide while she was in nursing school, and when she graduated, she decided that she liked it enough to stay. She has been working at Bridgewater for 21 years now, and has risen to become the nurse manager of unit 3B.

Sally followed her daughter into these hallowed halls after her previous job was sent overseas, outsourced to another country. As she wondered what she should do next, Jenn suggested she come work at Bridgewater because, “She would be great.” As it has now been 12 years since that fateful decision was made, Jenn can (and did) safely say, “I was right.”

Rose, Sally’s granddaughter and Jenn’s niece, just graduated from high school earlier this summer. While in school, she was a volunteer at Bridgewater and “liked what they do and how they interact with the residents.” She liked it so much she started working with them after graduation. She has now been working here for 7 weeks, and while she has a while to go yet before she gets anywhere near the time put in by her mother and grandmother, she has made a wonderful start.

I asked all three generations, “What are some good things and some bad things about working with your family?”

Sally states jokingly, “I love working on the floor together, but I can’t misbehave as much.”

Jenn says, “We get to talk to and see each other when we normally wouldn’t, but sometimes when things come up you have to approach them and take them differently. When there’s an issue and you have to confront them about it, it may be taken more personally than if you were talking to any other staff member. So sometimes you have cry and hug it out. (Sally agreed and said, “We are a very emotional people.”)

Rose says, “Well, they encourage me a lot, but they also harass me a lot.” To which Jenn replied, “Don’t forget we are your ride home. Hey, another perk! Car pooling!”

I think we can all agree that may be the number one perk of working with family.