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  • February 3, 2016

    Beth Baumgartel: August Employee Of The Month!

    Congratulations, Beth, for a well deserved Employee of the Month Award!!! Beth has been a therapist on the ventilator unit for more than three years and brings a great deal of experience with her. She is an invaluable resource for the staff, not only on all respiratory matters, but also as a caring and compassionate care giver to our residents. A big thank you for all that you do, as you go above and beyond in your duties here at Bridgewater!!!... [Read more]

  • February 3, 2016

    Three Generation Legacy At Bridgewater

    It’s a pretty common thing here at Bridgewater to hear that two of our workers are related to each other. We have siblings, cousins, and even cross generational staff members working together. But now, my friends, we have entered some unchartered territory. For the first time in Bridgewater history three generations are working together in the facility: Sally, Community Life Leader of 3B; her daughter, Jennifer, unit manager of 3B; and her granddaughter, Rose, a Community Life Float. The one to begin the legacy was Jenn. She started as an aide while she was in nursing school, and when she graduated, she decided t... [Read more]

  • February 3, 2016

    Sunshine Olympics: Cookie And Trivia Contests – 8/19/15

    Bridgewater residents recently participated in the Sunshine Cookie Olympics at Hilltop Care Center. They made Chocolate Mint Cookies, a delicious combination of cocoa powder and Andes mint pieces. The cookies were wonderful and, while they didn’t win, they put up a good effort. Take from someone who ate too many, they were definitely a first place cookie and the judging was clearly skewed against us. ???? The team did, however, place third in Trivia, a feat never before accomplished by a Bridgewater team at these Olympics. So, where we lacked in baking skills (or were erroneously underscored), we made up for in s... [Read more]

  • January 31, 2016

    New Monthly Family Council Meeting

    Bridgewater is happy to announce that we have started a monthly Family Council meeting. Any and all family members, friends, and loved ones of a resident are welcome to join. This will be a time for family members to come and discuss any concerns or to voice opinions on various subjects with each other and with Bridgewater staff. The first meeting was held on January 26th. The purpose of this month’s meeting was to introduce families to the administrator and various facility staff as well as to educate families on what we are doing here at Bridgewater to improve quality of care throughout the year. Kurt Apthorpe, th... [Read more]

  • January 31, 2016

    January Employee Of The Month: Sara Lethbridge

    Sarah Lethbridge has been serving Bridgewater Rehabilitation Facility for 29 years.  She began her employment here after high school while enrolled in Ridley Lowell Business and Technical Institute of Binghamton, and started her career as a “Red Coat” position doing a variety of tasks and duties to assist in daily unit management. She contributed as a physical therapy transporter as well. After completion of Ridley Lowell, she became a secretary for Unit 2A and held that position well over ten years.  From the onset of a facility MDS (Assessment) Department, Sarah became the first and only Administrative MDS Ass... [Read more]