January Employee Of The Month: Sara Lethbridge

January 31, 2016

Sarah Lethbridge has been serving Bridgewater Rehabilitation Facility for 29 years.  She began her employment here after high school while enrolled in Ridley Lowell Business and Technical Institute of Binghamton, and started her career as a “Red Coat” position doing a variety of tasks and duties to assist in daily unit management. She contributed as a physical therapy transporter as well. After completion of Ridley Lowell, she became a secretary for Unit 2A and held that position well over ten years.  From the onset of a facility MDS (Assessment) Department, Sarah became the first and only Administrative MDS Assistant and continues in that position today. Sarah is extremely helpful, very organized, and fulfills many roles behind the scenes of MDS operations here at Bridgewater.  This includes scheduling, submitting, and maintaining completion of the MDS process and working closely with the MDS Nursing coordinators and interdisciplinary team members to keep everything on track. Sarah works very diligently in her role, accepts everything that is asked of her and continues to contribute whenever she can.  She is an asset to the MDS Department and an example of an exceptional Bridgewater employee.