Licensed Practical Nurse

LPN Shifts Available: Full-time/Part-time/per diem – all shifts


  • Provide primary nursing care for ventilator dependent residents including passing medications, treatments, incontinence care, dressing, feeding, toileting, range of motion, transfers and ambulation as necessary to assigned residents within LPN scope of practice. Verify the identity of the resident before administering any medications/treatments.
  • Direct and monitor the personal care duties and nursing care procedures carried out by the Certified Nursing Assistants of the assigned team.
  • Serve as a resource person for nursing assistants working on unit during the shift.
  • Assign work duties and monitor performance.
  • Conduct daily report meetings with unit staff to discuss needs of residents under direction of the RN Charge Nurse/Unit Manager.
  • Counsel and assist with evaluating of nursing staff of assigned unit.
  • Assist the Certified Nursing Assistant with direct care of residents as necessary.
  • Report to RN Charge Nurse/Unit Manager unusual symptoms, changes of condition, daily needs and progress of residents. This includes monitoring tracheotomy and intravenous sites for problem signs, symptoms or infiltration.
  • Follow the plan of care for each resident and monitor the performance of the Certified Nursing Assistants in carrying out the appropriate aspects of the care plan.
  • Receive controlled substances from the oncoming shift nurse and is responsible for all aspects of the storage and distribution of these medications; ensure proper and safe placement and use of medications stored in medication cart, stock medication cupboards, medication room refrigerator and narcotic cabinets.
  • Maintain documentation regarding the care plans of residents in the nursing notes, medical administration records, treatment records and other required records. May update the nursing care plan but may not create, initiate or alter nursing care goals or established nursing care plans. Ensure that nursing care documentation is accurate and timely.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform tracheotomy care and inline suctioning according with the ventilator or changes in status as directed the RN Charge Nurse/Unit Manager.
  • Responds immediately in the event of emergency decannulation and notification of proper personnel. Perform duties within scope of LPN practice only.
  • Able to perform emergency ventilation on residents experiencing difficulty with the ventilator or changes in status.
  • Make rounds of resident rooms to observe the status of nursing care and the environment. Ensure a comfortable environment for residents by alerting housekeeping and/or maintenance of areas that need attention.
  • Ensure that resident care standards are maintained in performance of duties and that the right of residents and preferences in care and treatment are respected.
  • Ensure that residents and staff are treated with respect and kindness at all times.
  • Participate in change of shift report and responsible for bringing nursing personnel of next shift up to date about the care and needs of the residents.
  • Gather information such as resident measurements, signs and symptoms that can be used by the RN in making decisions about the nursing care of specific residents (may not interpret any clinical data or act independently on such data).
  • Gather information and data upon admission to complete the nursing database (does not perform assessments).
  • May not triage.
  • Perform tasks and responsibilities within the framework of case finding and health teaching. Health counseling and provisions of supportive and restorative care under the direction of an RN or licensed physician, dentist or any other legally authorized health care provider.
  • Telephone physicians for orders and updates; conduct skin observations and diabetic nail care; update family members as needed; report any skin integrity to RN Charge Nurse and start appropriate paperwork.
  • Admit, transfer and discharge residents as required.
  • Complete accident/incident reports as necessary.
  • Answer call lights.
  • Assist with mealtimes as appropriate.
  • Notify family members/responsible parties of change in a resident condition or about needed services.
  • Participate in resident’s written discharge plan as required.
  • Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
  • Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as may be required.
  • Participate in the facility Quality Assurance Program as necessary.
  • Attend staff meetings and required or preferred in-service training.
  • Generate and develop ideas, which improve the quality of care for residents or increase job productivity and satisfaction.
  • Perform all job duties according to safety rules and practices required of this job position and as required to ensure the general safety of staff, residents and visitors of this facility.
  • Perform all job duties according to the highest standards and goals established for this job position and for all staff members of this facility.
  • Exhibit the highest level of customer service towards residents, staff and visitors.
  • Subject to call back during emergency situations (i.e. severe weather, evacuation, post disaster, etc)
  • Perform other work tasks within the LPN scope of practice as assigned by the RN Charge nurse/Unit Manager/Assistant Director of Nursing/Director of Nursing.


  • A current unencumbered active license to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in New York State
  • Willing to function under the direction of the RN Charge Nurse, Unit Manager, Assistant Director of Nursing or Director of Nursing
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of pharmacology
  • Demonstrate basic leadership skills when relating to staff members and assigned group of residents
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of interpersonal relationship in working with residents, families and health team members
  • Demonstrate an awareness of environmental safety
  • Ability to implement the programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures, etc. that are necessary for providing quality care
  • Basic organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm as well as the willingness to handle difficult residents
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate information concerning a resident’s condition
  • Demonstrate a willingness to seek out new methods and principles and be willing to incorporate them into existing nursing practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position

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