Columbus Day Parade!

February 3, 2016

3925am_20151012_105658-mdOn Monday October 12th, we made the journey out to Main Street, Binghamton to watch the 56th Annual Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival. Sixty-five of our residents enjoyed watching various high school bands from around the area as they made their way to Court Street to compete in the Mirabito Columbus Day Tournament of Bands. Each of these wonderful bands stopped and played a song right in front of our residents giving us a fabulous treat. The Northeast Bradford Jr/Sr High School band provided our residents with a little extra treat as they stopped and played two songs while they waited to perform across the bridge. These bands were joined in the parade by various community groups, political figures and hopefuls, and several really nice, classic cars.

It was a beautiful day for a parade, and as our residents sat out on the corner of Front and Main streets, the sun began beating down. To keep the sun at bay, Bridgewater provided hats to the residents, staff, and anyone else who came by. One of those lucky people happened to be the Mayor of Binghamton, Richard David! Bridgewater residents were showered with parade treats as the festivities moved by. They were given balloons by the Fred Aksar campaign, Italian flag colored beads from an Italian women’s group, and they even high-fived the mascot from the Binghamton Blizzard Girl’s Hockey Association. Next to us on Main Street, the First Congregational Church was giving out free popcorn and Ron Sall, parade organizer and owner and operator of Sall-Stearns Men’s Clothing and Tailoring on Court Street in Binghamton, graciously provided our residents with hot chocolate. They enjoyed this immensely in the morning as they waited for the parade to start, while there was still a slight chill in the air. Between the popcorn, hot chocolate, and candy provided by the various parade participants, the resident’s diets were ruined, and they had no problem with that at all. ????

We would like to extend a special thank you to Ron Sall for providing hot chocolate for our residents, as well as everything he did for us before and during the parade. Another thank you to all the staff who helped transport all our residents out to Main Street for this special activity. All of the residents had a fantastic time. We are all looking forward to next year’s parade and all the fun that comes with it!