New Monthly Family Council Meeting

January 31, 2016

family-mdBridgewater is happy to announce that we have started a monthly Family Council meeting. Any and all family members, friends, and loved ones of a resident are welcome to join. This will be a time for family members to come and discuss any concerns or to voice opinions on various subjects with each other and with Bridgewater staff. The first meeting was held on January 26th. The purpose of this month’s meeting was to introduce families to the administrator and various facility staff as well as to educate families on what we are doing here at Bridgewater to improve quality of care throughout the year. Kurt Apthorpe, the facility administrator, presented various tools, programs, and policies in place presently to improve resident care and safety. The presentation is available below.

For more information on the Family Council please call Amy Healander, Director of Social Work, at 607-722-7225 ext. 143.