Happy New Year!

February 3, 2016

new_yearIts the start of a new year. Time to evaluate yourself and figure out what you are going to try to change this year. Not always the easiest thing to do. We think we are doing a pretty good job of things here at Bridgewater and we are spending the first month of the new year having a great time. Here’s whats on the calendar:

Taking down Christmas Decorations

We are not of the mindset that Christmas decorations should be up until March or April. The Holiday Season is over and its time to move on and enjoy the other holidays on the way (like National Hat Day). That means its time to take down the Christmas decorations. We have a massive mountain to climb here. We have two trees on every unit that are dressed to the nines. They all have to come down along with all of the other festive decorations around the building. That means its all hands on deck for this. We will be spending a whole day taking everything down and organizing it all to put away until next year. (We suggest you do the same. It makes everything much easier and you will love your past self for it next December.)

Snowflake Ball

It is getting colder and colder outside, but inside it is hot. In fact, we have a fever. Dancing Fever! So, we are having a dance party. We will have a DJ providing some grooves so we can get down to raise our post-holiday spirits up. There will also be some fantastic treats to give us the energy we need.

National Hat Day

January 15th is National Hat Day, so obviously we are going to celebrate! Wear your favorite hat. It can be crazy, or big, or just your favorite. As long as it is on your head, we are happy.

Soup Making Contest

One of our traditional activities that we host every year is the soup making contest. Residents get together with everyone on their unit to pick a favorite, sure to win, soup recipe to make and submit to the soup making contest. Residents can choose whatever recipe they want and we go get them all fixin’s so they can blow us away with their fantastic recipes. The winner gets bragging rights for the year and the knowledge that they beat out some pretty stiff competition to get the Soup Making Champions title. Also, they get to eat the soup, so they better make it good! ????

Happy New Year to All from all of us at Bridgewater!!